Furniture inspection services

Furniture often holds a special place in people's hearts. After all, it's what makes someone's house feel like a home. Not only does furniture offer a creative way to add individuality, character and flair to a living space, but when carefully selected, it can make it both comfortable and inviting.

As such, furniture not only needs to be pleasing to the eye, but it must also be sturdy and of the highest quality to guarantee its prolonged use.

Whether you’re designing chairs, sofas, tables, wardrobes or bookcases, you need to make sure your furniture is free of defects before it’s shipped. The best way to do this is to hire Global Inspection Managing to carry out furniture inspection services and testing on your behalf.

Furniture quality control

Achieving consistent quality takes hard work and dedication, but it's vital if you're going to retain customers and satisfy your clients. An ongoing process, quality control inspections will not only differentiate you from your competitors, but they'll help you to identify any problems before they become too expensive to fix.

To ensure your furniture meets the highest standards of quality, our inspectors perform a number of tests. These include:

  • Performance checks
  • Material & colour checks
  • Size measurement checks
  • Hole, tubular component and fixed gap checks
  • Adhesive tests on logos
  • Moisture content checks
  • Stability checks
  • Smell tests
  • Fatigue tests
  • Static loading tests
  • Rub tests on fabric
  • Wobbly base tests
  • Packing checks
  • Export carton drop tests
  • Cap removal strength tests
  • Shear & press point checks
  • Assembly checks
  • Accessory checks

Furniture Factory Inspections

When you hire Global Inspection Managing to perform various quality control methods for furniture, carry out furniture inspections, you'll receive a thorough report covering our findings, suggestions and any potential problems we think might occur during manufacturing.

However, we won't just use your own standards policy as a checklist, we'll also make sure you're meeting any relevant national and international regulations.

We have a number of inspectors who are specialists in this area, so no matter where your business is located in the world, we're happy to help.

Furniture Lab Testing

Our inspectors will take samples at multiple points along your manufacturing line, comparing your products against CAD design sketches to ensure they meet the requirements specified by you. This might include size, colour, weight and overall finish.

Next, we'll carry out on-site tests to ensure that the furniture you are producing is safe to use. When we conduct the checks listed above, we're looking to see how well your furniture copes with different variables to determine its durability and strength. Our specialists can even complete appropriate lab testing such as fire resistance and surface coatings.

Finally, we'll inspect your packaging to ensure that all furniture is securely protected against damage during transit, including scratches, abrasions and breakages.

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